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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you obtain that fitting memorial that you have longed for.

We have heard from a lot of interested people. Should you ever have an immediate need, please don’t hesitate to call.  We look forward to helping you out in your search for a fitting memorial for your special friend!

We truly appreciate your patience. We are very anxious to get out now and let more people know about us. 

Call Pat to see if she can help you.


Sample Cremation Urns 

A Beautiful Lasting Tribute

Our hearts go out to families when they lose a loving pet. We understand the great emptiness and grief by those who have had to say good-bye to a loved one. Our pets are part of our life.  To some of us they are our children and to others they are a best buddy and companion.

Several years ago we followed the same path as many of you have.  When looking at the many choices on the market we could not find anything special or personal that met our needs for a fitting tribute for our friend.  We decided to create our own memorial and have found the experience to be very rewarding.  We now offer you a choice to make a personal, dignified statement for your loved ones.

We dedicate this site to Our Best Friend - Chewbacca who started us in this business.

Remember your cherished pets in a special way with their portrait hand painted on our handmade Cremation Urn, Keepsake Chest or Memorial Plaque. Each memorial is handcrafted from the finest woods with your choice of natural mahogany, walnut or oak and finished with a soft, warm lacquer finish.

Our Keepsake Chest has a hinged top and is lined with a suede/velour type lining. Our standard size is the same as our cremation urn but we can make them to your specifications if you need a larger keepsake. We make them with or without a tray. Many customers have ordered our keepsake chest so they could store their pets collar, tags and toys.

Whether for pre-needs or after the loss of your pet, Carolina Pet Urns takes pride and satisfaction in offering the highest standards in quality and workmanship. We have had many wonderful responses from our customers. Please browse through our web site to view pet memorials we have created and read our customers testimonials. These beautiful pet memorials are an expression of gratitude and love, painted by artist, Patricia Bernardo Dorr.

We paint memorials for all pets, not only cats and dogs. Standard stock urn sizes can be seen in the How To Order section. We also make custom size pet urns. Email us for a quote. Our standard size urn may seem too large for those of you with tiny pets. The reason we prefer to use this size urn is that the painted portraits on smaller urns lose the minute details in those furry faces.

For a beautiful lasting memorial contact us today.

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Cremation Urns Sample Cremation Urns 

Our standard size pet urn volume is 110 cubic inches and will hold the ashes of a pet that weighs up to 110 lbs.

Please include your pets name and/or dates if you wish, we will paint them on the urn at no extra charge.

Memorial Plaque Sample memorial plaque

We also have un-painted pet urns available.    Special size pet memorials quoted on request.

Please specify the wood you would like the urn made from. Keep in mind that a light colored pet would show up best on a dark wood like walnut or mahogany and a dark colored pet would show up best on a lighter wood like oak.





Large Keepsake Chest

Canvas Paintings

Pricing of all style Memorials and How to Order your cremation urn or memorial plaque. Click on link.



We have had many customers who have sent us notes of thanks. It's always nice to hear back from someone that we have helped through a difficult time. We have received letters, emails and phone calls, thank you very much!

These ‘thank you’ notes often include stories about a special pet that has brought memories into their owners life.  We find these stories very touching and decided that we would like to provide an opportunity to give an extra memorial to selected “Special Pets” that come through our door. 

We have created a Special Pet links that contain the story as submitted to us to recall some very special memories about pets that have contributed to the enjoyment of someone’s life while they were here. 

We provide these memorials for you to read and see how these pet’s have touched someone in a special way.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!!

Raggs - a story about a special pet



These are very special friends that have left us but will always be remembered. We are honored to provide a place for them!

When we started making pet cremation urns we did not have a “Memorials” section. If you have one of our pet cremation urns and it is not in this section please email us a picture and we will be sure to add it. The picture quality on some of our older urns is not as clear as we would like to see. If you have one of our urns and could email us a better picture, we would love to hear from you. Thank you.

SAMPLE Urns and Plaques

Please address any Questions or provide Feedback to us!!.  Or to Request a copy of our flyer:

We Care! Please let us know what you think about our services and if we can help in any way.

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